Our Backyard: Progress and Plans

I love taking advantage of nice days because I get to go out do yard work. If my parents are reading this they are probably rolling their eyes and shaking their heads in disgust because I never felt this way about yard work when I lived with them, but when it’s your own home it’s different, am I right?
Before we moved in here, there were three 20-something guys living here and I don’t think landscaping was high on their life’s priority list. I don’t blame them. But after over a year of being unattended to, the backyard was becoming a jungle the neighborhood cats liked to claim as theirs…all over the yard….

So in October I began the process of tearing everything out and starting fresh. My husband would like everyone to know that he is the one who tore all that atrocious ivy out from under the deck. I did everything else so I think we know who wins this one.

Here are a few before and current pictures to give you an idea of how much we’ve I have done.

Backyard Progress_edited-1. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

Backyard progress. she loves happy lifestyle blog

Backyard Progress. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog_edited-1

Right now everything looks so grey and lifeless since we’re in the middle of winter but it is a huge improvement to what we had going on before. Don’t mind those big pieces of deck railing on the ground. They are just waiting for James’s man arms to come and tear them apart. I tried to do it but I failed and I swore I heard them laughing at me.

So now is the fun part where I share our plans for what we want to in the backyard this coming spring and summer.

Our Home. Backyard Progress. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Tear the deck and put in a patio either like this or something like this
  • Build steps leading from the door to the patio
  • Replant grass in the area shown above because it is quite moss-ay
  • Take out the stepping stones against the fence and plant grass
  • Plant some flowers in the flower beds and cover with bark
  • Surround the trees against the fence with rock

For some reason, when the trees were purchased however many years ago, they were never planted so the roots have grown through the plastic containers. Instead of trying to dig them up and replant them, we are going to just surround them with brick.

Our Home. Backyard Progress. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog2

  • Plant garden boxes in the back corner

Do you like my little drawing of tomato plants and onions? I thought you might like a visual. This will be my first garden so I’m a little nervous I will kill everything but excited for the hope that I might not and will get to enjoy fresh salsa from my garden. I am my mother’s daughter.

Some other plans we have for the front yard and for down the road:

  • Plant more grass everywhere
  • Lay bark in all the flower beds
  • Get shutters for the windows
  • Install new flower boxes
  • Buy new screens for all the windows
  • Build pergola over patio
  • Build a pergola over the garage
  • Re-paint exterior and trim
  • Find fun patio furniture
  • Buy BBQ
  • Build fire pit
  • Hot tub????

As far as colors and decor, I want it to be bright and cheery and ready for a party but also warm and cozy for a relaxing evening listening to the sounds of summer.

Backyard Inspiration. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

I’m so excited to have a nice outdoor space to host bbq’s, sit with my husband on a warm summer evening, and eat ice cream.
Stay tuned for more home updates and a full home tour coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Our Backyard: Progress and Plans

    • sharayadanna says:

      Very cool! I’ll have to check your revamp out 🙂 I have photoshop elements which is like a smaller, more limited version of photoshop but it does what I need like make photo collages and add text.

  1. Jodi says:

    Love the progress, and the inspiration page has some darn cute ideas! I do have to give a tiny bit of props to my boy James for tearing out that ivy. I’ve done it before, and it’s like a never-ending ball of twine that keeps unravelling! Keep up the good work; I love your blog, Sharaya!

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