DIY Paint Chip Art


Happy Heart Day everyone! This is what one of my preschoolers call it so I can’t help but love it.

This project is a very simple and inexpensive way to add lots of color to your home. I got my inspiration from this post from A Beautiful Mess. They add vinyl lettering to theirs but I just loved the way mine looked without it. All you need to make this sweet piece of art happen is:

A crap-ton of paint chips from your local hardware store. I don’t know exactly how many chips I used but it really just depends what brand of paint chips your store has and what colors you want.

-Double sided tape

Frame with paper/cardboard insert

This is great to do while watching TV because it is quite tedious.

1) Cut out all your chips into their individual squares


2) Lay them out on the paper how you will tape them. This helps you evenly space the colors. Make sure you cover the names of each color as you go up the rows.


3) Break out the double-sided tape and start sticking those puppies down. This is the part that take the longest but it’s very rewarding watching it all come together.


4) Slide it into the frame and it’s done! Super easy.

DIY Paint Chip Art-She Loves Happy Blog

Have a great weekend everyone!

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