Our Wedding: The Details

Wedding Details 6. She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogPlanning our wedding was probably the most fun I’ve had in my whole life. Everyone kept telling me that it was going to be super stressful and crazy. Yes,  it was a very busy summer but I loved always having something to do. It felt so rewarding to gradually begin putting together the little things that were going to make our wedding day special. Looking back through our pictures, the detail and decoration ones are some of my favorites. On the actual wedding day you don’t really think to walk around and take in all your hard work because you are busy greeting all your loved ones, so having amazing pictures to look back on is something I will cherish forever.

Our entire wedding cost around $4,800. When I say “entire” I mean everything from venue, dessert, music, dress, stationary, decorations, etc. Everything . It was kind of a fun game to see how little I could spend while not sacrificing originality and taste. Today I’m sharing my homemade details with you because I want to prove that having cute, homemade, not cheap-looking details is possible on a small budget.

Weddind Details. She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogCenterpieces: $60-70 for 250 bottles and 300 flowers

Our centerpieces were bottles wrapped in yarn and fabric flowers. The yarn bottles were SO easy and inexpensive to make. All of the bottles were free because I just had to ask around and people delivered left and right. At the end I had a bunch of bottles left over that I didn’t even need to wrap! The only expense was yarn and it didn’t take much to wrap a bottle. About 2 months before the wedding I had a “bottle wrapping party” and had around 9 girls come over and we got most of them done! That party worked out great because it gave those who wanted to help a chance to do so and it got a huge chunk of the decorations done. 

The fabric flowers required only a few yards of fabric and wire. My mom was in charge of the flower making and she busted those puppies out with little effort! She’s pretty good if I do say so myself.
Wedding Details 5. She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogEmbroidery Hoops: $40 for 16 Hoops, $20 for Fabric 

The embroidery hoops were one of my favorite details because they were so simple but made a huge statement and they look like polka dots. I love polka dots.
The only effort they required was buying the supplies, fitting the fabric in the hoop, cutting the excess fabric, and arranging accordingly. Done.View More: http://annenunnphotography.pass.us/sharayajamesFabric Chandelier: $0-$20 for Fabric and Hula Hoop

We made this fabric chandelier to hang over the dance floor. I put $0 as an option for the cost because you could use any extra fabric and hula hoop you have around. We spray painted the hula hoop white to help it blend in more and then tied different length strips of fabric.I loved this detail because it helped bring more attention to the dance floor where the party was happenin’!

Wedding Details 7. She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogMy wedding day was the best day of my life and part of that was because of the effort and time that me, my mom, and everyone who helped out put into it. Every detail was carefully thought out and had meaning behind it. I would encourage every bride to really take time and create details that reflect you.

Putting thought into it doesn’t equal forking out a bunch of money. I hope this gives you encouragement, whether you are getting married or planning a party, that adding meaningful details that set you apart from the crowd can be easily achieved without breaking the bank!

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