My Favorite DIY + Design Books

The internet is chock-FULL of DIY, home, and design content. If I didn’t have a husband, job, or common sense, I would spend every waking moment on Pinterest and other blogs. But even though all of that is out there on the web, there is something uniquely special about having good ol’ hardback books to thumb through and look pretty sitting on shelves or coffee tables. Listed below are favorites of mine that I own and my amazon wish list is running over with more that I want so very badly! *hint, hint, husband*

favoritecraft-designbooks_She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

1) Young House Love: This book was my first and is still my favorite when it comes to home updates and DIY’s. I first found John and Sherry Petersik on their blog and was instantly hooked. Their projects range from simple DIY crafts to how to install a toilet. Its a one stop shop. My copy of the book is filled with sticky notes to mark what projects I want to do and many of them I have already done and are a part of my home. This one is definitely worth the buy!

2) Furniture Makeovers: I am still learning a lot when it comes how to paint furniture and the zillions of techniques and mediums there are to do that with. Furniture Makeovers is a great book because it has SO MUCH useful information. The first 15 pages are just on how to find the right furniture and all the different tools there are for you to make that furniture unique. Then it goes into showing you 21 different techniques to paint/spruce up your piece. Someday I hope to attempt all of them!

3) Decorate Workshop: This book is written by Holly Becker, founder of the popular blog Decor8. I love this book because it consists of mostly photos of peoples homes. It’s meant to inspire you and give you ideas on the layout and basic structure of your home. It’s also written kind of like a workbook. There are blank pages throughout to get you thinking and writing down answers to questions like, “What do you enjoy doing in your home?”, “How do certain colors make you feel?”, or “How will you introduce pattern into your home?”. It wants you to make lists, I love lists -It’s a great relationship.

4) Decorate: This is another book by Holly Becker. It’s huge and awesome. It’s similar to Decorate Workshop in the fact that is filled with pictures and features many homes but Decorate focuses on showcasing all different styles of decor and offers more how-to’s for basic home styling.

5) Do It Yourself: DIY Ideas– It’s simply that; a big book of DIY ideas for every nook and cranny in your house. I subscribe to Better Homes & Garden’s DIY magazine and this book is a compilation of the projects from the magazines and more. I love it because as I flip through it gives me a sense of confidence. I think, “I could totally do these!”. It’s simple, fun, and a great tool to have when you are itching for a project to do.

6) Handmade Weddings: I bought this book long before I was engaged. Heck, I bought this book long before I even met James. I’m crazy, but that’s how I do. And I won’t apologize for my crazy at all because this book was such a huge inspiration during my wedding planning. It’s organized by theme and each section gives you a color palette, font and texture ideas, and venue suggestions. I’ve never found anything like it and I always try and lend it to friends who are getting married because it’s so awesome!

What are your favorite DIY/Home design books? I’m always on the hunt for more!

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