Baby Shower: Ready To POP!

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of being in charge of decorations for my good friend Tiffany’s baby shower. Since this is their second baby, they wanted to go with something more fun and “outside of the box”, so they decided to make it a co-ed shower. I am totally going to keep that idea in mind for the future because it was SO fun and it allowed her husband, Tim, to take part in the celebration of their new baby boy, Zayden’s, soon-to-be arrival.

Because of the co-ed factor, I wanted the color scheme for the shower to feel a bit more sophisticated rather than cutesy; hence the GOLD!!! Gold is my new color obsession and this gave me a great opportunity to experiment with it.

ZaydenshowerinspoboardPart of what made this shower so fun to be a part of was the fact that there were 7-8 of us friends involved with putting it together. I was in charge of decor, one was in charge of games, another food, etc. So to keep everybody on the same page and in the loop I made this inspiration board. Originally we were thinking mint green and gold but after failed searches for the just the right mint green paper, we went with two different shades of blue.

The theme was “Ready To Pop!” mostly because Tiffany is obsessed with popcorn. To go along with that theme we also had soda POP (Root Beer and Orange Soda) and cake POPs that were made by a friends very talented mother. Zayden Shower. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog_edited-1The photo booth backdrop was made out of paper circles that I cut out and then sewd together on a sewing machine (with a lot of help from my mother). For a similar idea, here’s this tutorial from Oh Happy Day!.

These adorable popcorn boxes were hand cut and glued by our friend Alisha. There were 25 of them! It was definitely a labor of love.

As guests walked in, they wrote a note for Baby Zayden in Hop On POP for him to have as a keepsake. This was one of my favorite details!

For the centerpieces I spray painted mason jars with metallic gold spray paint and then arranged mini carnations and babies breath inside them. The confetti was just extra paper from the photo booth backdrop that I punched out with a circle puncher and sprinkled all over the tables.

The food table backdrop was my absolute favorite detail because it was so unique, simple, and FREE! Yes, I said free. The embroidery hoops and the yarn were all leftovers from my wedding. This is why I will never throw anything away! That’s what hoarders say isn’t it?…..

Be on the lookout for a tutorial for the yarn wrapped embroidery hoops coming up!

All the gold frames were found at goodwill for $1-$2 a piece. For the cards inside I glued extra confetti into different patterns and had my mom write on them since I have terrible handwriting…


Zayden Shower. She Loves Happy Lifestyle_edited-2. 6 BlogLike I said before, this is Tim and Tiff’s second baby boy so they didn’t need a whole lot of stuff. Instead, they asked for money to buy a nice video monitor to put in the babies room. I stole a few branches from my parents house and spray painted those gold to make a money tree. The pom poms were found on Etsy.

Being a part of this shower was so amazing because all of us friends got to collaborate together on it and contribute our talents to make it special for Tiffany. The only thing that’s left now is for Zayden to get here so we can smooch his cheeks!

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