My Top 5 Home Decor Stores

It’s my 21st birthday in May and you know what I want to drive 2 hours up to Portland to do? Shop at my favorite home decor stores. Partying is for noobs. These are my top 5 favorite home sites/stores and I will tell you why…homestores. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

1) West Elm: I first found their site when I was looking for a new duvet cover for my bed about a year ago and now I want to buy everything! I love their mid-century style furniture and their unique accessories. I keep all of their catalogs so I can flip through them just for fun every once in awhile because everything’s so pretty! I recently found out they have an actual store up in portland and I may have done a little Liz Lemon dance….

2) Urban Outfitters (Apartment): Some of their stuff is pretty quirky and out there but that’s really why I like it. It inspires me to think outside my comfort zone when it comes to home decor and really helps me focus on what I truly love as opposed to what’s in style at the moment.

3) Modcloth (Apartment): This is an exclusively online company. Their main thing is vintage/retro clothing but their home stuff is to die for! It’s quirkier than UO and a tad cheaper (depending on what you find). Their fun finds range from kitchen utensils to Star Wars pop-up books. This is a great place to find unique gifts for friends and family.

4) Anthropologie: If I won the lottery, this would be one of the first places I would shop. Seriously. It kills me on the inside when I scroll through and see all these beautiful things and then…I look at the price tag (cue slow motion  “Whhhhhyyyyyy????”). But you know what, sometimes it’s worth it and it makes the things you actually buy that much more special. Take my gorgeous Nosegay sheets for example. My amazing husband bought these for me for christmas because I would’ve had such a hard time spending the $200 on my own. But because of that, these sheets mean so much more to me and when I see them they remind me of James and my first christmas being married and to never eat in the bed again.

5) IKEA: Some people are overwhelmed by the enormity that is IKEA but it makes me want to pee my pants in excitement. It’s second to Disneyland in my book. I love the simplicity of their furniture and how there are so many ways to make it your own. We try and make a trip up there a couple times a year and stock up on home necessities and of course, Swedish meatballs.

Where do you go to buy some love for your home?

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