House Plans: The Kitchen and Living Room

I mentioned in my full home tour that I would go more in depth as to the plans we have for specific areas in our house. Today is all about the kitchen and living room. Kitchen and living room plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog I love my kitchen. A lot. I have so many cabinets that I don’t know what to do with myself. Most of the things we have planned for this area are way down the road kind of stuff but since we have a plan now, we can start saving for the big things. Here’s what we have in mind:

  • Paint the cabinets (probably white) and add some sort of oil-rubbed bronze hardware to give them more dimension.
  • Update the stove and refrigerator.
  • Replace countertops with something kind of like this or this
  • Install wood flooring that extends through the whole house

Kitchen and living room plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Hang a pendant over the sink like this.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Replace sink with one like this and the faucet with one like this.
  • Possibly add a tile backsplash?

Kitchen and living room plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog The living room /dining area is the place in the house that looks the most “done” but I already have plans to totally change things around in here as far as decor. There aren’t many expensive or drastic changes we want to make but a few things like:

  • Install wood flooring throughout the house.
  • Hang light fixture over the dining room table. I’m on the hunt for something less generic and more unique and antique-y.
  • Install crown molding.

I can’t wait to start crossing these things off the list!

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