House Plans: The Office

Office Inspiration

Today is the final installment of the House Plans series and it’s filled with wondrous plans of organization and shelving up the wazoo. The office is definitely on the top of the priority list because I store a lot of supplies in there that are desperately calling out to be neatly placed on shelves. Here’s what I’m thinking:

office plans. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Install 2-3 levels of corner shelving like this.
  • New light fixture.
  • Hang the chalkboard on the wall to free up desk space.

office plans2. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

  • Find new curtains- Probably something white to keep the room bright for photos.
  • Add more shelving to the wall
  • Organize the desk space. Hopefully everything on it will be organized on shelves so it’s clear for working on projects.

There you have it people! That’s all my plans for the house (except the future baby room but I’ll spare you my craziness). Be on the lookout for updates and things getting crossed off those lists!


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