How To: Hem Curtains without sewing

Hem curtains header_edited-1
For 6 months I’ve looked at my curtains in disgust because of how long they were. I’ve watched them get stepped on by children and get tangled up in chairs but this weekend I have decided enough is enough, they MUST be hemmed. One of my biggest goals for this year is learning how to sew but since I don’t how to do that yet I have to find ways to cheat a little. That is when I discovered the magic that is Heat n Bond Hem Tape.


-Heat n Bond tape (be sure to get the “super” or “extra strong” kinds)
-Ironing board


1. Cut your curtain to the desired length leaving 1 in. for folding over.

2. Lay your tape down an inch from the bottom. (Different brands of hem tape may have different heat instructions or ways to lay the tape so be sure read the box)

hem curtians instructions

3. Fold the bottom inch of fabric over the tape, nice and even. (Be sure you are taping the back of your curtain so the front stays nice and clean looking.)

4. With your iron on medium heat, hold on fabric for 3 seconds and repeat until the entire width of the curtain is bonded.

5. Turn the curtain right side up and iron fabric for an additional 3 seconds.
hem instructions2

Hem Curtains Before and After

So much better, right?! I think so.

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