We Got A Piano!

There is now a piano in our living room. We’ve been wanting one for a long time and James’ parents had one they were willing to give to us. I was worried at first because I thought it would look too cluttered in the living room with all of our other furniture but I actually am totally loving it. I love that when James gets home from work he just sits down and messes around on it while I cook dinner.

I am mostly excited because this means I have a whole new area to decorate! The possibilities are endless. I decided I want to do something a little bit more bold on the wall to break up all the grey that covers the rest of the kitchen and living room and I’ve been itching to try and step out of my comfort zone with decorating and this is my chance.

piano wall ideas

  • I want to do some sort of accent wall on the wall the piano is on. Below are some ideas as to what that could be.
  • I have a big mirror that was on the wall originally that I may put back up again. We’ll see how I feel once the wall is done. I’m also thinking of building some honeycomb shelves as a possibility as well.
  • Possible shelving on the wall to the right? I’ll wait on that too in case it makes things feel to congested and busy.
  • Since James won’t let me paint the piano (lame-o) I’ll add some color to it by sewing some pillows together using scarfs or a cute fabric I find and putting them on the bench.

Here’s an inspiration board I put together of different accent walls I like as well as shelving and pillow ideas.


Piano wall-accent wall-inspiration


I’m no where near the point of making a decision on what I want to do. Which accent wall is your favorite?

3 thoughts on “We Got A Piano!

  1. Renee says:

    I love the triangle wall! But you know you love polka dots, so maybe one of those? Also, I’m gonna need your help when we get in our house!

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