I Turned 21!

I love birthdays, especially my own. I love it more than christmas. When I was younger, I would lay awake in my bed the night before my birthday and squeal in pure excitement for the morning to come. I loved getting to wear a crown that day in elementary school. I love (and still love) when my mom makes a special cake for me. I am, and always will be, like a child on May 17th; the greatest day of the year.
This year was extra special because I turned 21. I am finally an official adult! My husband says he doesn’t feel like a cradle robber any more (even though he’s only four years older than me). Most of our friends are at least 22 or older so now I won’t feel like such a baby when they ask me how old I am. Woo-hoo!
I didn’t want to do anything big for my birthday so James and I just slept in and were lazy all. day. long. It was glorious. I couldn’t even remember the last time we had done that. The moment we woke up he had me open my present. I swear he was more excited about it than I was. It was a Kelly Moore Camera Bag!

IMG_2411I have been wanting one of these babies for a very long time. A big goal of mine is to get into the habit of bringing my camera with me wherever I go and this purse will help me do that because it’s super cute, but made to be a camera bag.


IMG_2420My favorite feature of this purse is the built in wallet! It’s so easy to access all my cards now.

IMG_2432This is what the inside of the purse looks like. There are lots of pockets and cushioned slots for a camera and two lenses.

IMG_2471We eventually left the house and went to dinner. For a long time I knew I wanted to go to Cafe Lucky Noodle in downtown Eugene. It’s the place he took me on our very first date around the same time two years ago. The food is amazing. Like, holy crap-I don’t even know what to with myself, amazing.

IMG_2476We then felt it was necessary to end the night with some frozen yogurt at Yogurt Extreme. They have the best flavors! I got a combination of french toast, red velvet, and birthday cake. Sounds weird but I promise it was delicious.

IMG_2481While we enjoyed our yogurt, we tested each others knowledge with some Trivial Pursuit.

IMG_2487I told him if he would stop making weird faces, I wouldn’t post them. He said no, so here you go.

IMG_2531But what makes this birthday the most special, is it’s the first one I’ve gotten to wake up with him, spend every moment with him, and snuggle until I fall asleep with him. The one who makes my life a million times better and who I am so excited to celebrate at least 70 more birthdays with. I love you, babe.

3 thoughts on “I Turned 21!

  1. Jodi says:

    Aww you always make me cry when you talk about our precious Jimmers. I wish he would let you take a decent picture of him, though!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl.

  2. Andrea says:

    Happy birthday! I love your new camera bag. The color is great and it looks like it will make it so easy to take your camera wherever you want!

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