Backyard Update

Last week I gave you an update on the front yard so now it’s time to show you the back once again. It’s pretty crazy the changes that have happened back here just since February, most of it having to do with things actually blooming and looking alive but I can’t even begin to count how many things I’ve torn out. You can see for yourself in these pictures. I included the first pictures I took of the back when we moved in in October.

Backyard Update _May1

Here’s the other side of the deck:

Backyard Update_May2

Here is the west side of the house:

Backyard Update_May3_edited-1

I’m feeling really good about whats happening back here. There is so much still to be done but a lot of that may have to wait until next summer when we have more in our yard budget. There’s a good chance that next year we will just completely start over on the grass because there are so. many. weeds.

The next step is the garden which will be on the other side of the yard. We are renting a rototiller this weekend so that will definitely get things started!

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