The Garden Is Planted!

Fresh homemade salsa is on its way from the ground to my mouth! This last week was full of trips to the local nursery’s and yard work (for as long as my allergies would allow me). My mom was a HUGE help in this process of planting my own garden and it’s something I will never forget. I just have to say, my mom is pretty darn amazing. She went with me to help me get all my veggies I wanted, picked up the load of garden mix, and even transferred all the dirt to the back corner. She’s also quite annoying because as soon as I think we are even, she goes and does five more nice things for me without me asking her to. But hey, I guess if that’s the biggest thing I find annoying about my mom, I’ve got it pretty good.

IMG_2496Here is the corner before it was totally cleared out. The grass had pretty much taken over.
IMG_2815Once we got it all cleared out, we raised it up with a thick layer of garden mix (the neighborhood cats sure love it…). The board my mom found at her house and the stones were ones I had ripped out of another part of the yard a couple months ago. It works for this year but in the future I would like to install something a bit more permanent/stable.  IMG_2821Now here it is all planted and ready to grow me some yummy salsa ingredients! Here is what I planted: Garden_edited-1. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog

I also planted some Zennia’s, Petunia’s, and Sunflowers along the sides and corners so hopefully we’ll see those popping up soon.

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