Happy Father’s Day

Father'sday14As I’m sitting here, thinking about what I should say about my dad, my mind wanders back through my childhood in search of a funny memory or special moment we had, but the problem is, there are too many for me to decide on just one or two.
Things like sleeping out on the deck on an air mattress under the stars, driving cross-country in a minivan and seeing the Texas Rangers play the Boston Red Sox in Arlington, TX, puking in his new Volvo in LA traffic, and having him as my basketball coach all four of my high school years are a few of the things I remember most.

But one thing I will always cherish when looking back is the fact that my dad was always around. He’s worked from home for as long as I can remember and as a kid I didn’t realize the blessing of that. As a 6 year old I wished he worked at McDonald’s (I figured he would get free Happy Meal toys to bring home). He’s always been around for basketball games, dance recitals, school functions, and family dinners and I tried to never take that for granted.
I don’t know many people who are as humble, wise, and generous as he is. It’s those traits that I pray so hard that I reflect in my daily life and it’s because of the amazing example that he set.  I love you Dad 🙂

father's day 143 father's day 142 fathers father's day14

father's day 144Here he is practicing the naps he will take in his new hammock he got for Father’s Day.

What do you all love about your dad? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Mark Elmblade says:

    Love you too Sharaya! Thanks for not telling everyone about the first time watching you by myself….You cried for like an hour. When Mom came home, I said “Sharaya won’t stop crying, what is the matter with her?” She said…”Did you feed her?” I think you know the answer.

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