Lopez Island

This last weekend we made our way up I-5 to catch a ferry to take us to Lopez Island, WA. Lopez is where my husband and his family vacationed all through his childhood. While we were dating he would talk about how much they loved it up there and what a magical place it was. Last 4th of July weekend, I got to go with them to experience this magic for myself and it exceeded my expectations. I couldn’t wait to go back!
This year we needed to make it happen so we went with his Sister, her husband and sweet baby Promise, and our friends Brandon and Carla. Seriously, one the best vacations ever. There was an abundance of laughter, flatulence, eating, and sunshine. Just the way every vacation should be.

IMG_4882 IMG_4896 IMG_4901 Lopez Island. She Loves Happy IMG_4925 IMG_4931 IMG_4933 IMG_4934 IMG_4951 IMG_4960 IMG_4961 IMG_4967He will never stop giving me butterflies.
IMG_4968 IMG_4982 IMG_4986 IMG_4991 IMG_5002 IMG_5009 IMG_5017Saturday we took the ferry to Friday Harbor which is on San Juan Island. We ate, we shopped, and enjoyed their farmer’s market. Oh, and of course, we had ice cream.IMG_5010IMG_5021 IMG_5024 IMG_5026 Lopez Island. She Loves Happy2 IMG_5030 IMG_5038 IMG_5040 IMG_5041 IMG_5042 IMG_5043 Lopez Island. She Loves Happy3 IMG_5044 IMG_5048 IMG_5051 IMG_5053 IMG_5057 IMG_5059When we got back to Lopez, we drove around exploring the different beaches.
IMG_5069There is a tiny white church on top of hill and its the cutest thing ever.
IMG_5133 Lopez Island. She Loves Happy4 IMG_5143 IMG_5173 IMG_5183 IMG_5192

Do you have a childhood vacation spot?


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