DIY Tufted Headboard

IMG_7537I am feeling very good today, folks, because I have finally completed this project which has taken me months to gather and complete. For the longest time our mattress just sat on the floor like we were poor college students who didn’t know any better. Maybe college students are smart enough to put their beds in a frame, I don’t know, I didn’t go to college. I’m just making an assumption. The point is, we finally became grown-ups and got ourselves a bed frame and made a head board. I’ve never felt so sophisticated.

-Pegboard (cut to the size you want your headboard to be)
-Roll of foam padding (whatever thickness you want. Mine was 1.5 in.)
-Batten (Enough to wrap around the foam and board
-Fabric (For our queen bed, I used 2 yards.)
-Button cover kit
-Upholstery thread and needle
-Staple gun

IMG_3587My first step was making the buttons. This was the funnest part! You can find a button cover kit at pretty much any craft store, I found mine at Hobby Lobby. The kit will give you instructions on how to make the buttons. But just trust me, it’s fun. IMG_3593 DIY Tufted Headboard. She Loves Happy Lifestyle BlogNext I started covering the board. I apologize for the lack of pictures during this process. I was alone and lack greatly in multitasking skills.
1. I laid the batten out on the ground (my roll was big enough that I could fold it in half and it still had about 10 inches around each side that I could fold over the board) I made sure it was as flat and smooth as it could be. Feel free to cut any excess trim that you don’t feel is necessary.
2. I then positioned the foam pad in the center of my batten. Then I laid the peg board on top of that. There was about a foot of extra foam pad that I cut with an Exacto-knife so that it was the exact same size as the peg board.
3. Before I started stapling everything to the board I figured out where I would want the buttons to go. As you can see below, I circled the holes where I would place the buttons and made sure that side was on the back.

DIY Headboard. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog =4. I stapled the crap out of that thing. I secured the foam pad and batten and then I centered that on my fabric. If you use a cotton fabric or any texture that can wrinkle, iron it out first before securing it to the board. Since my fabric was blue velvet (yes, I am that bold) I didn’t have to do that step.
5. Instead of me trying to explain how I did the tufted buttons, I’ll refer you to this tutorial. I kind of just winged it but this tutorial is the most accurate explanation of what I did.
6. Lastly, I installed the french cleat (these hangers are da bomb) to the headboard and the wall and hung the headboard in place. IMG_7551 IMG_7554 IMG_7542I think this is the first project I’ve done all myself that I can say I am completely happy with. Usually I find all sorts of flaws and things I wish I would have done differently but this one, not so much. It’s a very good feeling.

2 thoughts on “DIY Tufted Headboard

  1. Andrea says:

    It looks awesome! I love the rich color. I really wanted to make my own and had pinned a bunch of ideas on Pinterest. I didn’t have any of the tools though so I eventually just bought one from Target.

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