I Am Not a Hoarder

IMG_7568Since I was very young, I for some reason loved to keep anything that I felt had an ounce of sentiment. From birthday cards, to tap shoes, to notes passed around class with friends, I wanted to save it all to look back on when I got older.
I think it all started the first time we went through my mom’s old photo albums and knick-knacks she’s saved along the way. I loved looking through pictures and getting a glimpse at what she was like back in high school; how they dressed back then, what was cool, what all her friends were like and also seeing what life was like for her and my dad before we came along. Maybe it’s just part of our human nature of not liking the unknown but it was always such a special event whenever she would break out her hope chest and tubs of pictures.

Memories are such funny things. They affect us in so many ways. We have good ones and bad ones, they make us physically feel things whether that be joy or pain, and they can be brought to our minds by the simplest things such as a smell.
As I was sitting looking at my Grandmother’s things and looking at my things that I have saved, I pondered on the thought of how weird it is that simple things can become worth so much more because of the memory that is attached to them. I mean, its just stuff. It doesn’t have a heartbeat or a personality but somehow it has life. What may be considered crap to one person, to another person may be the one thing they have that connects them to a loved one.

After my grandma passed away, I inherited her hope chest which was full of her bridal shower and “Congratulations on the Baby Girl” cards. It also had her wedding dress, my mom and aunts old baby clothes, and other random trinkets. 
IMG_7573IMG_7569 IMG_7590This was my favorite outfit I found. I’m debating keeping for my children to wear….IMG_7593 IMG_7598 IMG_7601 This is a great of example of “Why in the world did you keep this?” But obviously it meant something since she kept it for so many years:IMG_7603 Seeing the way my mom and Grammy saved things and the joy we always had looking through them is what makes me keep things to look back on in the future. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to be curious so we can look through my hope chest and find things like this:  IMG_7617Or show them what me and my sisters had to do if we fought too much: IMG_7619We would have to write at least 20 things we liked about each other. This is a list of things Lindee wrote. It totally works, we were bickering all day but as soon as we read these lists to each other it was all hugs and kisses. Pretty much.

I already have quite a few tubs filled with these kinds of memories. I’m going to need a lot more room since we haven’t even had a kid yet…

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