Master Bathroom Update

Back when I first made plans for the master bathroom it included painting half the wall black and that’s exactly what I did. I had a can of black paint leftover from a myriad of projects so I used that and got the walls done in one afternoon. Because textured walls were invented by satan, even though I taped everything, the paint still bled through which meant I had to go through and touch up the edges with white. Besides that, I’m happy with the way it turned out and like how it gives our bathroom a more modern feel.

IMG_0612IMG_0611Master Bathroom Half Painted Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog  (1 of 4)Master Bathroom Half Painted Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog  (2 of 4)

We can now scratch one thing off the list of things to do in the bathroom. Here’s what’s left:

  • Paint the cabinets white
  • Update counters
  • Update faucets
  • Frame the mirror
  • Update shower and install tile from floor to ceiling
  • Replace flooring
  • Find curtains for the window
  • Paint the wall half way up (I’m thinking black)

One thought on “Master Bathroom Update

  1. Shaneice says:

    Sharaya….just wanted to tell you how much I love following you on here! It’s makes my day when I see a new email from your blog. Miss and love you! ~Auntie S 🙂

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