Bathroom Plans

I’m sitting on the couch fiddling on pinterest; looking through my boards and all of a sudden something clicks. It literally was like a light bulb flipped on above my head. I figured out the bathroom.
I’ve talked about our bathroom plans before in this post but never had a solid idea on its design. All we knew were the big updates we wanted to do like replace the tub, floor, and countertops.
I found this rug at World market and loved it so much I wanted to design my whole bathroom around it but I was stuck. Until I found this picture of these cabinets and I put two and two together in my head and it was like a firework of happiness, bathroom bliss, and excitement exploded in my head all at once. It was glorious.

I then quickly put together an inspiration board and it is just making me more excited.

Bathroom Plan BoardThe cabinets will be painted like the cabinets in the picture and I will add touches of the red-ish purple around the room. I also want to add some wood texture by building industrial shelves to put behind the toilet and wood frames around the two big mirrors.
We still don’t know when the big (expensive) updates will happen but the little things like painting the cabinets, building the shelves, and adding small accents can start at anytime so be on the look out for those upcoming posts!

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