Industrial Pipe DVD Shelf

Geometric Accent Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (6 of 11)Everyone has their “thing”. The thing they could talk about non-stop, spend endless amounts of money on, and feel the urge to show anyone who walks through the door. For me it’s my house and whatever cute new thing I’ve added to it and for my husband it’s movies.
For a long time now his movies have been tucked away in the boxes under the tv and that was just not ok with him. NOT OK! So for christmas I decided to build him a shelf that was functional (for him) yet flowed with the style of the living room (for me).
I had seen industrial pipe shelving on Pinterest and thought that would be an easy way to bring functionality with a simple modern twist that wouldn’t make my living room feel overwhelmed with furniture. I never found a great tutorial for the kind of shelf I was looking for so I decided to wing it and see what happens.
I didn’t get any step-by-step photos so I hope I explain this ok:
Geometric Accent Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (8 of 11)For a 2 ft. high shelf that is 6 ft. long you need:Β 

  • 3 boards (mine were 6 ft. long and 7 in. wide; the perfect size for movies)
  • Wood stain (I used Minwax: Walnut)
  • 10 pipes (mine were 10 in.)
  • 20 floor flanges
  • Screws (make sure they are big enough to not slide through the hole on the flanges but short enough so they won’t poke through the other side of the wood)
  1. The first thing I did was stain my boards. After I did that, I let them dry overnight before attempting to screw the pipes in.
  2. Next thing I did was position where I would want my pipe legs to go. I did two pipes on each end for extra support and just one in the middle (per level).
  3. Once you have your pipes placed where you want them, take them apart and screw in your first set of flanges. Once those are in, you can screw the pipes back in them (as tight as you possibly can) and then twist the next set of flanges on the tops of those pipes.
  4. Put your middle board on the ground and flip the board and pipes you just put together over and screw them down to the middle board.
  5. Repeat this process with the next level but be sure to match up the pipes exactly.

Geometric Accent Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (10 of 11)Geometric Accent Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (11 of 11) Geometric Accent Wall. She Loves Happy Lifestyle Blog (4 of 11)Then you just have to fill it with movies, style the top, and this simple project is complete!Β Industrial Pipe DVD Shelf

4 thoughts on “Industrial Pipe DVD Shelf

  1. Jane DeWall says:

    Well, that is darling! Your grandpa Veryle would be so proud of you. He was the most creative person and had so many idea’s he made and thought of making. He made our metal stair rail in our garage, so think of him often. He also made the very cool float we used to have in the Christmas Parades. You keep up the good creative work. It is fun to home make items! jane

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